January Transfer Window Invites Wild Speculation

January 1, 2011

Not Going Anywhere

For those that are new to the ‘Beautiful Game’, January is a special time.  Not only does it bring about a highly congested fixture list (at least in England), but also a month-long period in which clubs across Europe may buy, sell and loan players. Potential purchases can save a club from relegation to the lower divisions, or bring a club glory for years to come.  But by the next the next transfer window, supporters call for many of these same players to be shipped off to far-away lands, never to be heard of again. This should be a time of great excitement for football fans.

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“Stratospheric” Offer to Get Things Rolling?

June 29, 2009
Etoos transfer could spur other teams to dip into their warchests

Eto'o's transfer could spur other teams to dip into their warchests

The summer transfer season has yet to really heat up.  Ok, there were two mammoth deals involving two of the three best players in the world and the transfer-record was broken twice in a week.  But that’s really it.  Pretty dull for most of us.

Man City have been most active thus far and it is their pursuit of Samuel Eto’o that could soon catalyze the market into some action (as if the £136 spent by Madrid on Kaka and Ronaldo wasn’t enough).

According to Joan Laporta, Barcelona President, City have presented the Cameroonian striker a “stratospheric” offer which would make him the highest-paid player in the world (before Cristiano Ronaldo’s 1st annual wage increase).  Laporta conceded that it would be hard for Eto’o to refuse such a “monster” deal, especially as his contract with Barcelona is set to expire in 2010 and the African Cup of Nations will cause him to miss 6 weeks of next season.

If this move goes through (but let’s face it, in this day and age, nobody has any idea of what is really going to happen until pen is put to paper: see the  Cristiano Ronaldo saga of 2008), it could jumpstart the transfer market and provide some much-needed excitement for an otherwise dreary summer (England’s qualifying matches against Andorra and Kazakhstan didn’t quite satisfy the hunger, although the USA’s run to the Confederation’s Cup final was a pleasant surprise).

The deal will also ignite the talks of City breaking into the lionized ‘Top Four’, but that is for a different article.

Click on to see how the Eto’o deal would provide a boost to the transfer market.

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