Housh to Boycott Madden 2010 over ‘Player Rating’

July 26, 2009

Seahawk’s wide-receiver T.J Houshmandzadeh has announced he’ll boycott the new Madden game until his player rating is changed.  He first broke the news on a radio show but has since been invited on ESPN First Take to voice his displeasure with some of the Madden creators – this is the video above.  I think these two geek-a-zoids (who probably have one of the best jobs ever) held their own quite well and Housh is coming out of this looking a little bit dumb.

First Housh is rated 91.  He’s complaining about being rated a 91.  That puts him as the 10th best receiver in the entire game!  I would argue that the rating is extremely  generous and Housh should be more than happy with it.  He is 32 after all and his career is on the decline.  He’s one of the most reliable receivers around but he’s got no speed, no downfield threat and doesn’t score a lot of TDs.  He can place all the blame he wants on the offense in Cincinnati, but the numbers don’t lie.  And in the world of video games, your numbers are what makes your rating – there are no intangibles.

Anyways, he says he’ll prove himself in this new Seattle offense and they’ll be forced to up his number.  But can’t he just get the game and change his rating if he really feels so strongly about this?