My ESPY Votes

July 14, 2009

As many of you know, the 2009 ESPY’s are coming up on the 19th, so here are my votes for some of the more interesting categories (who are we supposed to pick in the ‘Best Jockey’ and ‘Best Bowler’ categories?).

Best Moment

This was the best moment in 2009 for a number of reasons

This was the best moment in 2009 for a number of reasons

Nominations: Florida’s Tim Tebow’s speech, Helio Castroneves wins the Indy 500, US Swim Team wins thrilling finish in Olympic relay.

I think this is pretty obvious.  ESPN doesn’t hide its strange fascination with Tebow (we get it, he’s a great person) and Castroneves’s win after his legal troubles was quite emotional (for him, anyway) but none of these ‘moments’ come close to the US winning the relay.  Not only did the win keep Phelp’s quest for the record alive, but it was one of the most exciting finishes in swimming history.  Do not forget that the French team vowed to “crush the Americans” and the British commentators prematurely stated that the Americans could not catch up.  Their comments made the .08 second victory that much sweeter.  Easily the best moment.

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