Beckham Schools Donovan in PR

July 14, 2009
Donovan could learn a lot both on and off the field from Beckham

Donovan can learn from Beckham - both on and off the field

David Beckham returned to face his Galaxy teammates in training on Monday for the first time since his much-publicized loan spell with AC Milan.  However, his return has been over-shadowed after excerpts of Grant Wahl’s, ‘The Beckham Experiment’, became public.  These excerpts largely focus on comments Landon Donovan made which heavily criticize the former England captain.  I’m sure you’ve all read his comments, but in case you haven’t, you can find them here.  And as a side-note, I’d advise against reading this book since it is completely one-sided and is clearly a ploy to stir controversy and make some money.  

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