Musings of a Cubs Fan (Part II: Carlos Zambrano)

June 8, 2009
Big Z Bashing a Gatorade Cooler: NOT a Bad Thing

Big Z Bashing a Gatorade Cooler: NOT a Bad Thing

So I was reading a sports blog written by two of my friends from high school, when I came across this article:, which, paired with pieces like this and this have caused me to reach the breaking point.  I am really sick of people ripping on Carlos Zambrano from everything ranging from his attitude to his interaction with the media.  The fact of the matter is: the man produces great numbers every single year, so get off his goddamn back. Read the rest of this entry »


Musings of a Cubs Fan

June 7, 2009
We miss you, buddy.

We miss you, buddy

Normally, I support the general manager of the Cubs, Jim Hendry, in his leadership of the team.  For example, his decision to bring in injury prone Rich Harden this past season for some low-ceiling prospects was a brilliant, if risky, move.  It gave the Cubs staff a superb extra starter who provided the team with 71 incredible innings in the midst of a high pressure playoff race.  Had CC Sabathia not been even better for Milwaukee, Harden would have assuredly gotten the attention he deserved for his almost superhuman efforts.  Such a gutsy trade was exactly the sort of thing the Cubs needed to combat a Milwaukee and St. Louis team and stay on top in the division.  Hendry realized that the Cubs needed another ace behind Carlos Zambrano and made this decision after witnessing the Cubs play over the course of the first half of the season.

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