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You can trust the Bleacher Bums (that’s us) to deliver no-nonsense views on a variety sporting topics from all over the globe.  Feel free to argue, comment, and request articles.  Spread the word!


I’m a Junior at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  I grew up in London, where I fell in love with football (soccer), fish and chips and the British Office.  Therefore, soccer is the sport I know most about. But after moving back to the states, I have become an avid follower of American sports as well.  Head on over to the ‘contact us’ page to hit me up with any comments, questions or topics that we should write about.  

  Favorite Teams: Manchester United, the New York Giants, UConn Basketball (both men and women’s) the Cleveland Indians and the Minnesota Wild.

Favorite Sporting Moment: Manchester United defeating Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champion’s League Champions League final by scoring 2 goals in the last three minutes.



I’m also a Junior at Trinity College in Hartford, CT along with Chris. I play tennis for my school, and have played for as long as I can remember, so its definitely one of the sports I’m most enthusiastic about.

I grew up in New York City, where I still live. My favorite sport to watch is football, and am a die hard New York Giants fan.

Also send me any comments or suggestions you might have for articles through the contact us page.

Hope you guys enjoy our site.

Favorite Teams: New York Giants, New York Yankees, New York Knicks, New York Rangers, Manchester United, Syracuse Mens Basketball.

Favorite Sporting Moment: There are a ton but I would have to say David Tyree’s catch in the Giants-Patriots superbowl, which led to the eventual victory over the previously undefeated Patriots.


James aka SwinginSoriano

 Im a junior at G-Dubs (aka George Washington University), but I went to middle and high school with Chris in the LDN, hence my involvement in this blog.  I figure its either that, or my scarily deep knowledge of all things baseball, and to a lesser extent, footy (the real kind), basketball and football (the american kind).

As he will tell you, I am a very strong opinioned individual who has quick temper.  However, I really love debating sports topics, so if you have comments/opinions for me or my articles, feel free to let me know. 

I also am an avid fantasy baseball player (i have 12 teams this year) and win nearly every league I play.  I don’t accept anything less than first.  So if you got fantasy questions or want to engage in a bit of banter, i’m the dude to look for.

Favorite Teams: Cubs, Manchester United, Bulls, Bears.  The first two teams in that list have come to dominate my life to an unhealthy extent.

Favorite Sporting Moment: Witnessing in person Jordan’s Game-winning shot in Game One of the 1997-1998 Finals against the Utah Jazz.  Sheer brilliance.


One Response to About Us

  1. beefybass says:

    At least we’re all Man U fans in here.

    Oh, and GO BEARS!

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