Join City and You’re Dead!

October 31, 2010



Kissing the Badge: 100 Quid

This was the message Wayne Rooney received from balaclava-wearing ‘fans’ (if you can call them that) gathered outside his Cheshire mansion last week after it became clear that the England striker was unwilling to sign a new contract with Manchester United.  Rooney cited the club’s lack of ambition as his primary reason for wanting to leave, presumably a reference to the obscene amount of debt the Glazers (the club’s American owners) have loaded onto the club.  This opened up the door to negotiations with Manchester United’s mega-rich neighbors and hated rivals, Manchester City.  However, in a sensational U-turn, Rooney recently agreed to a 5-year extension, which could earn him up to £200,000 a week if his play meets certain standards.  Too bad for all the City fans who got tattoos of Rooney’s face and replica no. 10 shirts.

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Should the NFL suspend players for “illegal” hits?

October 22, 2010

James Harrison's hit on Browns receiver Mohamed Masaquoi was one of 3 illegal hits on Sunday that led the NFL to decide to begin imposing suspensions on players

This week the NFL imposed huge fines for 3 vicious hits that took place in Week 6 games on Sunday, and voiced its intent to begin suspending players for these types of hits in the future. In what has become an extremely controversial issue for players, coaches, and fans, the league decided to take a firm stance in an effort to defend the safety of its players.

While anyone who knows the nature of the game of football understands that it is an extremely dangerous game and that often times injuries cannot be prevented, I fully applaud the NFL for its actions. The types of injuries that result from these kind of illegal hits are ones that can be prevented, and should be even if it means suspending players for extended periods of time.

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