Arsenal Fail First Test

Same old Arsenal: Frustrating

Same old Arsenal: Frustrating

Time for a reality check.  After notching up 10 goals in their first two premier league games (first time in history) and destroying Celtic to qualify for the Champions’ League proper, people were high on Arsenal and Arsene Wenger’s ‘project’.  They were scoring goals for fun, and looked unstoppable, perhaps this would finally be the year?

It all sounded pretty good, but let me tell you what really happened.  First, Arsenal played a severely, severely depleted Everton side.  In addition, their rock at the back, Joleon Lescott, pleaded not to be picked for the match, as his move to City was imminent.  This was ignored, and Lescott rewarded his manager’s faith by not showing up.  Two of Arsenal’s 6 were gifts from set-pieces: Vermaelen and Gallas waltzed in and got free headers right down the middle.  Wait, isn’t that where Lescott plays?  But still, 6-1 is pretty good no matter the circumstances – I can give them that.  Then they went to Parkhead and were extremely lucky to come away with a 2-0 advantage.  An own goal and a deflection off Gallas’s arse (who was trying his best to move out of the way of the ball).  Flowing football.  Then they beat Pompey 4-1.  Pompey can barely field a team, so that was nothing to get too excited about.  The return leg of the Emirates was marred by Eduardo’s theatrics, which unfairly squashed Celtic’s chances of progressing.  I’m not trying to take anything away from them, but this is what happened, is it not?

United were Arsenal’s first test and they failed it.  The Gunners outplayed the hosts but they continue to show that they have yet to learn how to grind results out.  Playing pretty doesn’t win you the title.  It was the same old Arsenal (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), so let’s hold off on the excitement for now, o.k?


7 Responses to Arsenal Fail First Test

  1. Joel says:

    by “grind results out” do you mean getting outplayed in every corner of the pitch and still winning due to a joke of a referee? the stuff champions are made of I’m sure…

  2. wllmhll says:

    arsenal were unfortunate with that tackle on arshavin by fletcher though.

  3. GunnersToday says:

    United’s first game was against Birmingham, a promoted side. You won just. If Benitez scored it was a draw.

    Utd’s second game was against Burnley. Another promoted side whom Chelsea dispatched. Utd lost.

    Utd’s third game was against Wigan, who crumbled in 45 minutes against Blackpool, a championship side.

    Utd’s fourth game was against Arsenal, Utd’s first real test. Utd didn’t even have a shot on target in the first 45 minutes. Rooney dived and Diaby got an own goal. Classy win. Outplayed the opposition, clearly.

    Oh and if you watched the Everton-Arsenal game, you would have noticed Lescott wasn’t to blame alone, it was Everton as a whole. If you watched both Celtic games you would have noticed that Celtic hardely troubled our goal, therefore by default had no intention of the winning the game. And if you watched the Pompey game highlights you would have noticed that the goals we scored were of the highest quality, just like Arshavin’s super quick shot that Foster couldn’t react to in time.

    Didn’t Utd “outplay” Arsenal at the Emirates last year in the league last year and still win the title? Exactly. Your lot may have won the battle, but you won’t win the war. The title is most definitely not going to OT this year. It would be a real tragedy, a damning indictment of the English league if such mediocrity is seen at the top.

  4. anonymous says:

    lol.. look at tat .. its their blog n no man utd fan is reading or even commenting on it .. They kno they wer lucky to win n it doesnt always happen!!!

  5. anonymous says:

    yes, arsenal fail the test cos man utd had 12 players, 11 outfield players+MIKE DEAN tat lousy ref! arshavin’s penalty was clear-cut, Dean was only 10 yards away(according to ferguson) and he didn’t spot it. Ferguson still dares to say tat was NOT a penalty when fletcher clearly hacked arshavin. the rooney penalty was also rather controversial. Yes, man utd fans may say there is contact cos almunia’s hand touched rooney’s leg, but if u watch the replay slowly and carefully, rooney went down b4 almunia touched him, his left leg was already half sliding across the pitch when he made the first touch. He PLANNED everything so f***ing well, just like he did 4 years back at OT to end the unbeatables. Rooney, the BULLDOG SHIT, GO HELL!

    • chrisutd07 says:

      be serious the fletcher penalty would have been harsh. and you lot scored 24 seconds after…justice served then?

  6. dsd62789 says:

    how can anyone make the argument about the ‘supposed’ fletcher penalty? arsenal scored immediately after, and if youre arguing a 12th man or an unfair advantage, then you’re just bitter. Yes, Arsenal outplayed United but unfortunately for Arsenal they don’t draw pictures on scoreboards

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