Michael Owen to United: Has Fergie Finally Lost it?

Way out of left-field

Way out of left-field

I think it’s safe to say that this caught everyone off guard.  But as Madrid’s spending spree has driven prices up across the continent, there were really not many viable options left (Benzema, Aguero, Ribery etc. are not worth £30+ million).  But let us say that hypothetically, they were worth the cash.  Would it be smart for United to spend big on young players unproven in the league?  Wouldn’t Sir Alex have the exact same problem he had last year with Tevez and Berbatov?   Nonetheless, most people have recovered from the initial shock to ridicule Fergie and to take a shot at United.  How desperate do United have to be to take a chance on Owen – the has-been striker whose career has been ravaged by injuries since his departure from Liverpool?  Surely Fergie’s gone a little senile in his old age?  Many have also commented on the lack of top-quality players who want to sign for United.  Is this the beginning of the end?  You can find a host of additional hypothetical jibes at various sites, but here’s a nice collection so that you can get a feel for what rival fans are thinking.

But I, for one, am willing to give Owen a chance.  Are you?

I think the most important part of this deal is that United aren’t paying Newcastle anything, as his contract is up.  In addition, he’ll receive a very basic wage – a fraction of the reported £120,000 per week he earned while on the treatment table at Tyneside.  However, he will also get bonuses for appearances, goals scored, and results.  With this pay-package, United is really in a no-lose situation.  They’ve got him on a free, and are offering add-ons which give him incentives to play well.  Why not take this gamble?  There is nothing to lose.

In addition to the bonuses, I think that the upcoming World Cup will make Owen even more determined to recapture his form.  This is his last chance to prove he belongs in the squad, and if he can play well with Rooney, he’s certainly in with a shout – especially as England (and Manchcester United for that matter) lack a real striker/poacher.

His history with injuries is a little worrying.  However, he did pass a stringent medical and his injuries may well and truly be behind him.  In addition, he was grossly mis-managed at Newcastle, as he was forced to prematurely return from injury on multiple occasions.

Owen is all smiles as he miraculously passes a medical

Owen is all smiles as he miraculously passes a medical

I think the prospect of Owen providing backup support for Berbatov and Rooney is an exciting one.  20 minutes left in a game, why not throw him on?  He may have lost some of the pace that made him famous, but his finishing touch is still there.  He had the best goals per minute ratio at Madrid, and scored 30 goals in 79 matches for the Magpies over 4 years (that’s .4 goals per game for those of you keeping score).

Now imagine him in a team where he’ll actually get some decent service, and who knows what could happen?  If he turns out anything like Solskjaer, Larsson, or Sherringham, it will be a great bit of business.  And if nothing else, he’ll be a great influence on youngsters Macheda and Welbeck.

Sure, it’s a risk, but I think it’s definitely one United should take.


6 Responses to Michael Owen to United: Has Fergie Finally Lost it?

  1. jumpersforgoalposts1212 says:

    I think it’s a risk but a calculated one. United really have nothing to lose and everything to gain from Owen’s acquisition. Another striker must be on the way: I think Kun Agüero.

  2. zizouandbecks says:

    Well, the picture of Owen in a Manchester United jersey is slightly disturbing, but honestly, I hope he does well (except against Liverpool of course). Like you said, it’s a no-lose situation for MU. It would be nice if Owen could stay injury-free, but that might be asking for a miracle. Also, thanks for reading my blog and commenting – I always like hearing from fellow footy fans.

  3. Rakan says:

    I don’t think SAF has lost it. On the contrary, i think this deal was a master stroke.

    Despite the injuries, Owen still managed 10 goals for Newcastle last season. Given the right service and a run of games, he’s still capable of scoring a lot of goals – he’s not lost that lethal finisher’s instinct in the box.

  4. Priom says:

    10 goals would be more than enough.still lots of works to do for SAF.

  5. […] are questions surrounding Van der Sar’s eventual replacement in goal.   Also, who knows if Owen will return to form?  But even with these lingering questions and the loss of Ronaldo, this team […]

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