Fantasy Football Draft Analysis

July 28, 2009
Will he live up to the hype?

Will he live up to the hype?

My fantasy football league recently held its draft and here’s a brief explanation on why I picked who I did and the starting rosters of the other 9 teams in the league.  Sure, we opted to draft a little on the early side (right as training camps are starting) but we just couldn’t wait any longer.  And just for clarification, our scoring is slightly different from the standard Yahoo League -who does standard scoring now anyway?  We get .5 points per reception (instead of 0), 1 point for every 50 passing yds (instead of 25), 1 point per 30 return yds (instead of 0), 3 points per field-goal regardless of distance, 4 points per punt/kickoff return touchdowns and kinder penalties for defenses.

Click on to read about some draft strategy, how I ended up with Kurt Warner and Donovan McNabb and to watch some awesome highlights (including one of the best catches you will ever see) which I now watch in an effort to convince myself that my team has the talent to make the playoffs.

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Housh to Boycott Madden 2010 over ‘Player Rating’

July 26, 2009

Seahawk’s wide-receiver T.J Houshmandzadeh has announced he’ll boycott the new Madden game until his player rating is changed.  He first broke the news on a radio show but has since been invited on ESPN First Take to voice his displeasure with some of the Madden creators – this is the video above.  I think these two geek-a-zoids (who probably have one of the best jobs ever) held their own quite well and Housh is coming out of this looking a little bit dumb.

First Housh is rated 91.  He’s complaining about being rated a 91.  That puts him as the 10th best receiver in the entire game!  I would argue that the rating is extremely  generous and Housh should be more than happy with it.  He is 32 after all and his career is on the decline.  He’s one of the most reliable receivers around but he’s got no speed, no downfield threat and doesn’t score a lot of TDs.  He can place all the blame he wants on the offense in Cincinnati, but the numbers don’t lie.  And in the world of video games, your numbers are what makes your rating – there are no intangibles.

Anyways, he says he’ll prove himself in this new Seattle offense and they’ll be forced to up his number.  But can’t he just get the game and change his rating if he really feels so strongly about this?

Thailand Vs. Liverpool: Match Report and Pictures

July 23, 2009

The Kop Comes to Asia

I was lucky enough to snatch up some tickets before they were all sold-out and attended the match last night.  Liverpool is the most loved club in this part of the world and the seats were filled more than two hours before kick-off.  An hour before the game, the Liverpool squad came out into the middle of the pitch and did the traditional Thai greeting led by Sammy Lee (who got a great reception for putting out cones for training) which sent the crowd into raptures.  However, Peter Reid’s  Thailand (remember him?) were able to fend the reds off, and the scores finished 1-1, leaving Liverpool winless in each of their pre-season games thus far.  On a more significant note, Martin Skrtel looked to pick up a bad hamstring injury and limped off 10 minutes into the second half.  Shortly after, fringe first-teamer Nahib El-Zhar was substituted after injuring his knee attempting a ludicrous bicycle kick from outside the box.  Liverpool looked pretty dull and rusty for the majority of the contest but they surely got a workout as the humidity was high and the conditions unforgiving: after having endured a muggy climate for the majority of the match, the skies opened up 10 minutes from the end, and a rainstorm of epic proportions drenched players and fans alike.

Read on for brief match analysis, more pictures and the highlights.

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If I was an Arsenal Fan: Why I’d Be Worried

July 21, 2009
He wouldnt get away with this type of behavior at any other top 4 club

He wouldn't get away with this type of behavior at any other top 4 club

First, I’d like to say that I am not going to predict Arsenal drop out of the ‘Big 4’ this season.  This is not to say I don’t think it will happen or that I would rather them remain in the much-coveted group; instead it is merely too early to make such a bold statement.  Pre-season has barely started, let alone the actual season.  And pre-season can’t really be used to gauge the form of a team for the upcoming season anyway – see Tottenham’s campaign last summer.  Plus, there’s still time for the Gunners to add to their squad.

However, IF one team were to drop out of the top 4 next season, that team would have to be Arsenal.

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Barry the Traitor?

July 19, 2009
Barry the traitor?

A taste of what he'll have to endure next season

Gareth Barry has recently come out and defended his move to Manchester City, as fans and media alike have continued to crucify him for leaving Villa.  He’s being portrayed as a traitorous player who has abandoned his boyhood (joined when he was 18) club for a fatter paycheck – the ultimate ‘no no’ for English football and its fans.  Rafa Benitez, who was in hot pursuit of the player last summer (lest we forget), sums up the feelings of the press and fans quite nicely as he labelled Barry a “mercenary” and accused that money was the only reason behind his decision to move.

Everybody (especially Rafa) sounds a bit bitter to me.  And here’s why.

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My ESPY Votes

July 14, 2009

As many of you know, the 2009 ESPY’s are coming up on the 19th, so here are my votes for some of the more interesting categories (who are we supposed to pick in the ‘Best Jockey’ and ‘Best Bowler’ categories?).

Best Moment

This was the best moment in 2009 for a number of reasons

This was the best moment in 2009 for a number of reasons

Nominations: Florida’s Tim Tebow’s speech, Helio Castroneves wins the Indy 500, US Swim Team wins thrilling finish in Olympic relay.

I think this is pretty obvious.  ESPN doesn’t hide its strange fascination with Tebow (we get it, he’s a great person) and Castroneves’s win after his legal troubles was quite emotional (for him, anyway) but none of these ‘moments’ come close to the US winning the relay.  Not only did the win keep Phelp’s quest for the record alive, but it was one of the most exciting finishes in swimming history.  Do not forget that the French team vowed to “crush the Americans” and the British commentators prematurely stated that the Americans could not catch up.  Their comments made the .08 second victory that much sweeter.  Easily the best moment.

Read on to see more.

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Beckham Schools Donovan in PR

July 14, 2009
Donovan could learn a lot both on and off the field from Beckham

Donovan can learn from Beckham - both on and off the field

David Beckham returned to face his Galaxy teammates in training on Monday for the first time since his much-publicized loan spell with AC Milan.  However, his return has been over-shadowed after excerpts of Grant Wahl’s, ‘The Beckham Experiment’, became public.  These excerpts largely focus on comments Landon Donovan made which heavily criticize the former England captain.  I’m sure you’ve all read his comments, but in case you haven’t, you can find them here.  And as a side-note, I’d advise against reading this book since it is completely one-sided and is clearly a ploy to stir controversy and make some money.  

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