The Tevez Departure



Will the fans be as sympathetic if he moves to City?

Will the fans be as sympathetic if he moves to City?

Carlos Tevez could have had it all.  A 5-year deal, a £25.5 million price-tag, and perhaps most importantly – a chance to cement himself as a United legend.  But alas, it was not enough and now the ultimate role-reversal stares him in the face.  Should he join Chelsea or City, he will surely face the wrath of the fans who adored him throughout his 2 year-spell at Old Trafford.   Tevez’s shady 3rd-party agent, Kia Joorabchian (or something), has come out and said ‘it was never about money’ and ‘the club didn’t give Carlos enough time to think about the deal”.  Here’s something that worries me:  when did people start to trust this guy?  Doesn’t anybody remember who this knucklehead is?

 No, the real reason for his departure was money.  

Think about what Tevez passed up on, especially with the departure of Ronaldo. (surely as the United’s famous attacking foursome was reduced to three, he would get more playing time).  Anybody with half a brain in Tevez’s situation would have snatched the contract out of David Gill’s hand, no questions asked.  Joorabchian stated his client needed more time?  Why?  It should have taken him 5 seconds to sign that deal, unless somebody was willing to pay more…

And that someone just happens to be Manchester City.  The club has reportedly offered Tevez a 75% increase in wages (£140,000 a week) and can no doubt match the £25.5 million fee needed to secure a move.  And herein lies the real reason for his departure.  If Tevez thinks the fans who have pleaded with Fergie to ‘sign him up’ will remain sympathetic after a move to Eastalnds, he is sorely mistaken.  Same thing goes with Chelsea. There is no way he is that stupid.    

 Some may argue that the primary reason Tevez left was because of his lack of playing time.  Well, Tevez appeared more last season than both Rooney and Berbatov.  He didn’t start in many of the key matches because where would he fit in?  Ronaldo and Rooney would not be displaced.  Berbatov, on the other hand, was the only other option.  But after paying £30 or so million the previous summer, Fergie was unlikely to drop him as well.  Also, Berbatov gave United another dimension of creativity and flair.  Tevez, although a great fighter, was too similar to Rooney and nowhere near as technically gifted as Berbatov. 

Finally, the £25.5 million was a bit much.  Is he really worth it, especially with a player like Rooney in the side?  He’s a fighter who never gives up but lacks the real quality of a top-class striker – does that really warrant such a bloated price-tag?  These were the questions United fought with as they finally decided to offer him a deal.  Apparently, it ‘came too late’.

 Don’t get me wrong, I loved Tevez.  He was impossible not to like.  His tenacity, effort and never-say-die attitude was a welcome change from what many of us have come to expect from professional footballers.  He had a knack for scoring important, late goals and was well on his way to becoming one of the fans’ all-time favorite players.  But this doesn’t stop me from being enormously disappointed in him.  I do wish the club had treated him better, but ultimately the deal was on the table and the ball was firmly in his court.  He has chosen to leave Old Trafford and just like the Argentines who left before him (Heinze and Veron), he will struggle to match the success he experienced at United.


3 Responses to The Tevez Departure

  1. naxself says:

    I like your point about Argentines. Perhaps Sir Alex should just avoid Argentina altogether and focus on Brazil (he seems to have a lot more success with Portuguese-speaking players), hehe.

    Tevez is nice; he gives effort. He’s just doesn’t have the skill to be a starting, 90-min striker. Berbatov, even though he looks like he’s bored, is far more talented and United are better off with him, IMO.

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  3. […] big question here is obviously how they will cope with the loss of Ronaldo, and to a lesser extent, Carlos Tevez.  Fergie has somewhat answered these uncertainties with his declaration that Rooney will play in […]

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