War of Words Between Rex Ryan and Channing Crowder

This story about a war of words between Jets Coach Rex Ryan and Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder aired recently on Sportscenter and has been getting a lot of media attention. It all started with new Jets head Coach Rex Ryan coming in with his chest out, and head held high talking smack about the Patriots and how the Jets are back, and will be better and tougher than ever. Unprompted, he said his team is not going to be pushed around by the Patriots and Coach Belichick. This led to Dolphins lineback Crowder criticizing Ryan for getting to ahead of himself, and for failing to realize that the ‘AFC East goes through the defending champions in Miami.’

Normally, especially with a first time head Coach like Rex Ryan, I’d say keep your mouth shut because no one wants to hear you talking trash before your team has even played a game, but this time I’d have to say I think what Ryan is doing is smart and hilarious. Too many times do you hear first year coaches come in and say ‘we’re gonna play smart football, we’re gonna work hard and improve our work ethic, and we’re gonna get to the level at which this team is capable of playing.’ But Rex Ryan is changing the tide in NY from the one under previous Coach Eric Mangini, who was about as exciting and motivating as a toaster. While Ryan cannot be serious in his comments attacking Crowder saying “I’ve walked over tougher guys on my way to a fight than Channing Crowder,” his has immediately turned himself into a likable guy that can and will be popular with the media.

He has taken away his ability for he and his team to fly in under the radar, but he gives the team some personality that might lighten the team up and allow them to play in an easier environment. With his comments, Ryan has drawn attention to, and has also created some great expectations for his team. The Jets better do well against the Dolphins and the Patriots this year, or else he will look like a joke. For now, he has provided us with some pretty great entertainment.


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