Roger Federer: The Greatest of All Time?


Federer celebrating his 14th grand slam singles title

Federer celebrating his 14th grand slam singles title



With his  6-1, 7-6, 6-4 victory today in the French Open final, Roger Federer won his 14th grand slam title, tying Pete Sampras for the all time record. For a while I have been debating his place in tennis history, but with his victory today I can finally say I believe he is the best player of all time. While his career is not over and he may finish with several more titles, he has not only tied the all time record but has also won the personal grand slam (all 4 different grand slam tournaments),  something which is very difficult to do.

Here are some stats that help prove my point:

1. He is now tied with Pete Sampras for the most grand slam singles titles of all time.

2. He has become only the 6th player in tennis history to win all 4 grand slam titles.

3. He has reached 14 of the last 15 grand slam finals.

4. He has reached at least the semi-finals in 20 consecutive grand slam tournaments.

5. He is tied for the most slam finals appearances with 19.

6. He has won 5 straight US Opens and had won 5 straight Wimbledons before losing to Nadal last year.

While his path to this championship was made a lot easier when Nadal lost in the 4th round, Federer took apart Robin Soderling in the final, the very player to beat Nadal in this tournament.

Watching Federer is something I have taken for granted, and will no longer do. He has a huge arsenal of deadly shots, and there is not a shot in the game he has trouble with, or has failed to master.

While Rafael Nadal has definitely proven himself to be a worthy opponent, and has shown the ability to win on grass and clay and occasionally hard courts, he has been plagued by bad knees, an injury that may shorten his career. When all is said and done, I believe it will be hard to argue against the fact that Roger Federer is the best tennis player of all time. 


2 Responses to Roger Federer: The Greatest of All Time?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fact: Against the other top 3 players in the world, who have separated themselves from the rest of the playing field in terms of consistency of finishing top 4 and results in all the masters/grand slams with the occasion to a couple one hit wonders like Soderling, Federer has a losing record against 2 of them.

    Head to Head:
    (3) Andy Murray – Roger Federer (6-2)
    (1) Rafael Nadal (Arch Rival) – Roger Federer (13-7)
    Roger Federer – (4) Novak Djokovic (7-4)

    Sampras had winning records against all of his opponents with the exceptions to Safin (3-4), Hewitt (4-5) Krajicek (4-6) and Stich (4-5), all margins of 1 or 2 matches.

    His rivalry with Agassi stood at 20 wins to 14 losses.

    Many could argue that Sampras had a tougher playing field than Roger Federer, with many of the legends including Becker, Lendl, Agassi, Krajicek, Rafter, Edberg, Chang, Courier, Ivanisevic and the upcoming Federer himself coming in his time.

  2. dsd62789 says:

    i agree with some of your points, but i don’t think you can judge someone’s overall career based on their record against other top individual players, especially when a good percentage of those matchups came in non grand slam events. the stronger argument in that case would be the nadal one, as federer has lost consistently to him, many of the matches in majors. however, most of those matches were at the french, where nadal has proven (when healthy), he is almost unbeatable. I think Federer has put himself above Sampras because he won the elusive french open, and because of not only his streaks in reaching the semis and finals of majors, but also winning 5 us opens and wimbledons in a row

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