“IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR,” please let him be gone!

For years I’ve tried to defend Yankees radio broadcast announcer John Sterling as a quirky, funny announcer who, while making some occasional mistakes, more than makes up for it with his infamous calls and one liners, but I must finally give in. I can now say with utter confidence, even without having listened to a ton of other broadcasters, that John Sterling is the WORST announcer in all of sports.


Yankees Broadcaster John Sterling, who consistently butchers Yankee games

Yankees Broadcaster John Sterling, who consistently butchers Yankee games

You may known him as the guy who screams “IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAAARRR, IT ISSSSSS GOOOOONNNE” on every Yankees home run, or as the guy who has a heart attack/seizure combo every time the Yankees win a game, but if you get the chance to listen to him you will know him as the least knowledgeable, biggest blowhard announcer in all of sports. Sterling has been on the air forever, and is partnered with Suzyn Waldman, who is most likely only there as a result of the affair she reportedly had with Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.

I used to be entertained by Sterling’s calls, but now I can barely even listen to a game. After every home run he screams and chortles as though the world has been put on hold so everyone can hear him say “AN A-BOMB, FROM A-ROD,” or “A THRILLA, FROM GODZILLA,” or even liken Jason Giambi to Babe Ruth by calling him “The Giambino.” Not only are all of these calls excessive and completely annoying, but they go hand in hand with his inability to actually see what’s going on in the game. There are reports that he has terrible eyesight and needs glasses, but wont get checked out due to his pride. 

I have consistently heard him start his calls prematurely during Yankees at bats. Ill be listening and will be really excited to hear him scream “IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR, it isssss caught by the 2nd basemen on the edge of the outfield grass.”

He makes some of the worst calls including last year when Hideki Matsui hit a 3 run homerun, and he proceeded to say “An A-Bomb…………….. well it would have been if A-rod had hit it, but…”

I was listening to the Yankees-Rays game today, and let me set the scene:

The Yankees are down 5-4 in the 8th, nobody on, 1 out, A-Rod is at bat. Its a 3-1 count and the pitching coach goes out to the mound to talk to the pitcher.

Sterling: “well we obviously can’t hear what’s being discussed, but my guess is it would be something along the lines of ‘keep him in the park.'”

BRAVO JOHN, bravo. I’m sure the conversation went exactly like “well you can give up a double or triple, but whatever you do make sure you dont give him a creampuff he can jack. as long as the ball does not go over the fence, we’re money…

While I love my Yankees and almost anything associated with them, it is time for John Sterling to go. Even I am ashamed of the laughing stock that he has become around the league. Please John, quit and leave the broadcasting to the professionals…


2 Responses to “IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR,” please let him be gone!

  1. CW says:

    The only one close to his level of crappiness is the White Sox’ Hawk Harrelson… he might be worse actually because he doesn’t even try to hide his homerism.

    • chrisutd07 says:

      check back later, we’re probably going to do a ‘top 10 worst baseball announcer list’ quite soon.

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