Equal Pay in Tennis


Even the guys trophy is bigger...

Ivanovic just realized the men's trophy is bigger...

So I just watched the French Open Women’s Final (weird, I know). The commentator mentioned that both the men and women champions would be receiving equal prize money. In fact all Grand Slams have now made pay for men and women equal. I was watching the match with a 60+ year old dutch man (also, weird) and he pointed out that the men have to play longer than the women, therefore justifying a higher paycheck. For those that don’t know, a women’s match is best out of 3 sets, while men play best of 5 in Grand Slam tournaments. He argued that equal pay was unfair because the men had to play more than the women. Over the week, those extra sets add up. In addition men consistently attract bigger crowds and TV viewers. Is he right?  Does this justify a higher prize?


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